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Play as Lavi the cat on her quest to knock precious objects from high places!

Lavi Quest has...

  • Basic but challenging platform gameplay.
  • A roly-poly cat with a special jumping ability.
  • 18 courses to explore for breakables. Each one with unique obstacles.
  • An automatic save function between courses.
  • At least an hour of game, unless you just rock your way through it.

Keyboard Controls:

X - Jump (Press and hold in air to rocket)

Arrow Keys - Move/Aim rocket when in air

R - Restart course

Enter - Pause game

F4 - Toggle Fullscreen

I made this game a few years ago as my first game project. I've dusted off the files, smoothed the worst bits, and uploaded it here. Enjoy!


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lavi_quest_v1.2.0.exe 23 MB


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 It's amazing! :D


The game on it's own is wonderful.

BUT I feel that it's necessary to say that I concieved an idea for a video game a little while back, before I found out about this one, that has a few similarities to yours (not in terms of gameplay), one being that my main character's name was supposed to be Lavy, in reference to his skin colour(Lavender, duh). Will any issues arise from this?

Hello! I loved your game, it was wonderfully designed and really fun as well as imaginative! I made a let's play of the first half of the game here and I hope to make another to finish out your awesome game!

This was pretty fun! There's a lot I wanna say about the story (good things about how hilarious it is!), but I won't spoil it o-o

I did, however, make a let's play of it. I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope that I did the game justice!


I love it! I would love to know what did you use to make this game! :)

Game Maker.

If you're interested in making games for fun or looking for a gentle way to start then it's a way I recommend. Just ditch the 'drag and drop' picture interface and learn Game Maker's code language as soon as you're able.

Thanks so much <3 :)


Why is this game not more well known?! It's literally like Sonic the Hedgehog meets Pusheen the cat and I loved every minute of it!